Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This is actually a cut out from a movie I just did for a school project, and I got some pretty good points for it. I also have to thank my cameragirl, Mia, I couldn't do it without you :*. Now, I'm not that satisfied with it, but I think it's a solid accomplishment for my first work.
Music is by Popol Vuh, soundtrack from the movie Nosferatu the Vampyre (I think it's obvious where the inspiration for this short silent movie came from). It was filmed at 'Vrac Memorial Park' ( built in 19th century then renovated in 1981) in Sarajevo, this place is completely left on it's own but I love it just that way.

The part where I daydream...

Osoba (eng. person): Esma.Vidim te (eng: Esma. I can see you)
Osoba (eng: person): Esma... Esma... (whisper)
Esma: Ko si ti? (eng. Who are you?)
(But please ignore the text, it's out of context because this is a cut out from the movie, not the whole work.)

So, let me know what you think?

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  1. Wow... You have managed to capture the style - the movements and frames, which I so love in the old Nosferatu movie! That scene where you are hidden by leaves in the distance: that was eery and beautiful :). I am really enjoying reading through your blog.
    x Zoe