Saturday, June 27, 2015

A glitter shower

Why am I in love with glitter?

This is the girliest post I could ever mange to write. As I grew up I was taught to fit in the norms of a normal look, to fit in school, to look proper. But, I never did. I was always the one, well, the one outside reality. In a dream you grew up and become all you want, you own the world, you are under control of your emotions. In reality, you are just losing it. I prefered to live in dreams
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You have to understand I come from a very small town, a tall girl wearing glitter is noticed very easy. But I love it. I never saw the point in wearing make up 'to be pretty', as I believe everyone is beautiful the way they are, but than again using it as a mask seemes plausible. You could choose who you are to other people. It's a act. You choose to be a girl, a wild girl, you make a promise to 'play a game', you obligate not to be serious. You gain a certain freedom with this fact... The freedom to act how ever you want and not to think about consequences.

Because,you are just a girl.

 But don't feel powerless, It's a woman's world out there, You can wear what you want, the strength is within you.

This text is about power. You show your power by ignoring reactions, going on, meeting new people, and choosing to stick to those who respect you. You show power by keeping to yourself, never change. I know this is true, I was going through this and I made the right decision, I may never be the popular girl at school, whatever that means, but I'll always be the crazy girl, in this case wearing glitter. I am happy about this I choose to stay different.

Inspiration: Erin Brockovich

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